Among the things we have in common as pet guardians, the ones taking the lead are the concern and affection for our beloved pets.

Experience has taught us that people who share their life with their animal companions, are not only nicer but they fully enjoy the magical effects of the “more factor” _“more loving, more fun, more active, more sociable and more relax life”_because while looking after them, their influence in us is really awesome.

Through this blog we will collect and share the experiences, advice and knowledge of professionals and well-educated people dedicated to pet wellness. Furry children come in all shapes and sizes, let’s keep on enjoy them with the awareness their nature and needs require.

We hope you will share with us photos and videos of your leggy children, your ideas and comments, write to us or just drop by our place… we are looking forward to hear from you!

Just like us, this blog is multi-cultural and multi-lingual… I am sure in no time we will all get the hang of it!

Cordially yours,

Gloria P. Vaos