What to Do with Pets When Kids Go Back to School


Kids aren’t the only ones who might be sad to say goodbye to summer and hello to school--your pets may have a hard time adjusting too! Going from having the kids around to play with all day to a quiet house can be a little challenging for some pets. They may get lonely and bored, or lost in the shuffle of a busy family’s schedule.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your pets active and tended-to during the school year:

  1. Smart toys are designed to make pets “work” for their treats or meal, and are especially great if your pet is home alone for extended periods of time.
  2. Does your pet love to get out of the house? Whether driving or walking, you might consider including him in the daily trips to and from school.
  3. Take your pet for a half or full day of romping and socializing while everyone else in the family is occupied with school and work.
  4. Just like your kids, your pets thrive when they have mental stimulation. Consider joining a local group or class where your pet can learn anything from basic obedience to agility!
  5. When it’s time for homework, include the pets! Your kids might find it nice to have some quiet company to practice their reading,

You may be focused on the kids and getting them ready for this hectic time, but don’t leave your dog out of the mix when the big day comes. Try these tips to ensure your dog has the best experience possible once your family’s fall routine goes into full effect.

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