Teaching your dog to swim could save its life.


Even through dogs have had a swimming stroke named after them, called the doggie paddle. It might be a surprise to you to know that it is a myth that all dogs can and are good swimmers. You would think that dogs would take to water like ducks to water, but they don’t.

There are dogs that don’t even like getting wet from the rain, and other dogs that will walk avoid a puddle rather than getting there paws wet. .

If you live near water or take your dog to activities near water, you should teach your dog to swim and to be comfortable in water. It can be a matter of safety for the dog. Teaching your dog to swim may even save your dogs life one day.

There are also the added bonus that swimming is a wonderful source of exercise and fun for your pet.

At the beginning your dog will need to wear a life jacket (floatation jacket) this will Support the dog’s weight around the shoulders and midsection keeping him afloat in the water, until such time when your dog start’s to do the doggie paddle and feels confidant.

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