Puppies do not misbehave on purpose…


The first days when a new puppy is brought home, are full of happiness and excitement. These joyful moments will be treasured for many years to come… That is the beauty of getting a puppy. But these first days have as well a parallel importance in your life together. They will have a direct impact on their conduct.

Keep in mind that this little creature has just been taken away from her mother and littermates. He is vulnerable, impressionable, delicate and needs to be looked after, to be loved and to be trained. He needs the security a routine offers.

Puppies learn very quickly when given clear instructions. Disobedience should not be allowed just because they are cute and “petite”, you might end up regretting it; they learn very fast the art of charm manipulation!

Playtime should be quiet and tender. Too much attention and activity can overwhelm them easily. Puppies need lots of down time and sleep… They need to have their own quiet corner and their space needs to be respected.

Never hit your puppy or use violence when correcting him. Gently and clearly show him what is expected when playing, eating and “going to the toilet”. He is capable of understanding what kind of behavior you want. If you let him know how happy he makes you doing the right thing, he will always try to please you. Puppies are just like babies, they don't misbehave on purpose; be patient and loving while training him. Your effort will be highly rewarded!

And one last thing… Try to correct mischief on the spot. Keep in mind that the only way to instruct your dog is “to catch him in the act”. To correct mischief it has to be done immediately as it happens, if you reprimand afterwards, you will only confuse him.

As their guardians, we are responsible for their physical and emotional health. Their happiness and wellbeing is closely related to the love, time, patience and discipline offered to them.

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