As with humans, very low temperatures can put pets at risk.  So when it comes to pet care, it’s crucial to plan in advance for the upcoming cold weather. 

Here are some ways to prep your animals for the dropping temperatures… 

  • Get a Veterinary Checkup Before the Cold Strikes

 The cold weather can cause discomfort for pets suffering from arthritis, skin problems, or other medical issues. A vet checkup prior to the onset of winter can help to make them more comfortable and put your mind at ease.

  • Prep Your Dog’s Feet Before Heading Outside

 Frozen sidewalks can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for dogs, especially if they are treated with de-icing products. Vet doctors recommend applying paw protection ointment on their pads before venturing outdoors and/or using pet booties to help minimize contact with harmful ice-melting agents. 

  • Exercise and Cold Weather Attire

 This is especially helpful for dogs with shorter fur who don’t have a thick coat to rely on to keep them warm. And the sooner you get your animal used to wearing an accessory, such as a jacket, the better.

Remember that while the weather may be chilly, it’s still important to exercise your pets both indoors and outdoors if the weather permits. Exercise is vital for their overall health, mental stimulation and helps to keep them warm by getting their blood pumping.

  • Make their place warm and cosy

If you have to head out during the day to go to work, eave the heating on to keep your pets nice and warm. For night-time, it is a good idea to keep all pets indoors with plenty of blankets and warm bedding. During winter the temperature at night can drop very low, so it’s important to ensure your pet is warm and cosy.

  • Don’t Stop Giving Your Pet Flea Medication

 Fleas don’t disappear when the weather gets cold, so keeping pets protected is an important part of care year-round. Pet owners should aware that fleas can remain dormant for several weeks to months and emerge when the conditions are right. 

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