About Me

The idea behind...

The objective of this blog is to create an interactive platform for our friends and clients, something similar to what happens when they visit us at KITT & PUPP but in cyber space... Wow! It certainly sounds 21 purpose in “blogging” is not only to tell you about the different products we offer on and off­line, but also to collect and share useful, fun and interesting information as well.

Nobody can deny the convenience of on­line shopping. Nowadays we can hardly imagine our lives without Internet. But, at the core of this amazing technology is unfortunately the evident loss of direct human contact. Fortunately social media has come to the rescue!

We hope to be able to create a social network that will assist you in a friendly and efficient manner to take care of your animal companion.

Thank you very much for the time you are spending navigating our site. We really appreciate your participation. Please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Μια μικρή αναδρομή...

The proper thing to do is first introduce myself...

I was born in Mexico City and had the opportunity to live and work in various countries before settling in Greece where since 2009 I have worked in the pet industry.

Before moving to Greece in the 90’s, I had a great job working as a News Anchor in the USA. Now in a totally different professional field but equally satisfying, have the pleasure to manage KITT & PUPP Boutique for Pets where everyday I meet wonderful people with pets.

My shop is a beautiful place to be. It is a kind of a club for pet guardians. We believe our animals are very special creatures with emotions and intelligence. We are recipients of their love, faithfulness and unconditional love. We all like to talk about them, we all make funny faces when we see each other’s dogs and, we laugh and cry alike when something happens to them.

My staff and I are very much interested in providing our clients with friendly service, excellent quality products at very good prices and most important of all, accurate and honest information, that will help them select the appropriate goods for their pets’ wellbeing.

I hope this blog will help me extend via Internet the same hospitality, information and transparency we aim to offer at our store.

What motivates me in life…

I am delighted to focus on people who share with me their lives and those people are valuable to me. These people “fill” me with joy and courage.

I sincerely believe that everything that happens in our lives is part of a divine plan. And that's what helps me to remain humble and thankful in everything I come through.
The trust and the respect of my friends. I try to convey to those around me optimism, hope and smile. Εveryone has his difficulties and we do not need to burden them with more negativity.
Finally, the most important that I keep, from all the battles I have given, is that everything comes from above, like those for which I pray for my family and my friends: Health, Safety, Work and a happy home.

Ο δεσμός των ανθρώπων και των κατοικιδίων

Αναγνωρίζουμε και απολαμβάνουμε το δεσμό που υπάρχει μεταξύ των ανθρώπων και των αγαπημένων τους ζωικών συντρόφων. Είμαστε άνθρωποι που πρόθυμα και πάντα με χαρά, δίνουμε την προσοχή μας σε όλους τους τομείς που αφορούν τα κατοικίδιά μας. Απολαμβάνουμε να μοιραζόμαστε μαζί με άλλους π κατοικίδιων, την στοργή και το ενδιαφέρον μας, για την ευημερία των ζώων που συντροφεύουν τις ζωές μας. ...